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Church's Menu Board

Menu board optimization

Church’s menu boards were confusing to guests. With too many choices and configurations, customers often used the lower-priced window clings to make their orders. Church’s asked Miller Zell to redesign and simplify the menu boards while infusing visual cues of its heritage to improve full-margin purchases by driving customers to the higher yield, more profitable core items. Church’s didn’t just want a pretty design. It wanted a design that optimized the purchasing decisions.


Miller Zell began with a study of competitors, identifying best practices and watch-outs. In addition to interviews, we asked focus groups to build their own “perfect” menu boards, providing them magnetic sections to organize and group the various food items. We conducted tests of redesigned menus in several markets, both company and franchise restaurants. We fine-tuned our efforts with diner intercepts to finalize the boards and prepare for a system-wide rollout.


The new Gen II Menu Boards will roll out in the summer of 2020. The test markets with the new, redesigned, and simplified menu boards saw an increase in customers ordering off the menu boards, improved customer satisfaction, and increased price per check. So mission accomplished. Church’s not only improved its customer experience, it also increased its profits. 

QSR Design Optimization: Church's Chicken
QSR Design Optimization: Church's Chicken

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