Disrupting the retail toy industry

The Challenge

Kefi needed a partner to help it disrupt the retail toy industry. It wanted an innovative design that focused on its toys and felt like a playground. It sought an environment that stimulated all the senses and inspired joy and connection. The design also needed to be sophisticated, flexible, and modular.

The Solution

Miller Zell’s design featured a modular tray system that invited children to play. It included IPads providing product information and interactive social media content. The displays were easily convertible for a multi-use, theatrical space. The design also incorporated analytics technology to collect data and measure ROI.

The Result

Our award-winning design created a unique, family-friendly retail environment that celebrated Kefi’s brand and customer experience. Said Kefi CEO Drew Panayiotou, “You guys get us.” The 25,000-square-foot prototype combined technology, adaptability, and immersive storytelling that touches all the senses. Up next is a national rollout.