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55+ years of experience gives us a deep understanding and knowledge of retail and branded environments.
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metaverse podcast

Podcast: Tech Cast on WABE

Miller Zell Speaks with 90.1 FM WABE

Learn all about the Metaverse from WABE's Emil Moffatt, our roundtable host Professor Elizabeth Strickler and Miller Zell's own Tina Chadwick.

Health is Retail banner_R4

Retail Evolving: Health is Retail

What the Health Industry can Learn from Retail

The Global Wellness Economy is healthy and growing. The increased interest and willingness to prioritize personal health means opportunities for health to adopt retail innovations.

spiekerman speaks retail with tina chadwick

Podcast: Branded Environments and the Experimental Retail Revival

Tina Chadwick, SVP of creative, strategy and digital for Miller Zell, discusses the future of customer engagement with podcast host, Carol Spieckerman (Spieckerman Speaks Retail!)

Sue Dowd Square

Podcast: Creating More Value for Bank Branches

Sue Dowd, Miller Zell’s senior vice president of retail strategy, joins the BAI Banking Strategies Podcast and host Terry Badger to chat about branch safety measures during COVID-19 and how financial institutions are trying to get more out of less space.

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From Silos to Seamless

The Journey to Digitally Connect

Learn how to build digital solutions that ease customer and associate friction, while producing measurable results.

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Great In-Store Environments

Five Strategies to Solve Pain Points and Connect with Customers

Discover five challenges to overcome for the ideal in-store customer experience as cost-effectively as possible.

Store of Now graphic 2

The Store of the Future is Now

Meet Customers Where They Are Today

What stores can do right now to address industry changes and evolving consumer demands.

Concept to Completion ebook

Concept to Completion

Bring Your Ideas into Fruition

Better understand what constitutes a true, value-driven, end-to-end service.

Avoid Hidden Costs of a Store Refresh

Hidden Costs of a Store Refresh

10 Steps to Avoid Surprises

Learn about the 10 often-overlooked costs during a store refresh.

Retail Sustainability

Retail Sustainability

Green Initiatives

Materials used throughout the retail supply chain have tremendous impact on our earth.

Digital Transformation

Digital Myth Busting

True Digital Transformation

Discover which digital initiatives are disguised as solutions.


Retail Design Starts with Research

More Than Pretty Pictures

Learn more about how research will improve retail design.

Webinar: Thinking Outside the Store Video-thumb-1

Webinar: Thinking Outside the Store

Signage in a Contactless Environment

Consider the CX journey beyond the front door and how signage plays a role in it.


5 Rs of Innovation at Scale

Strategic, Cost-Effective Execution

Ensure that your innovation rollout anticipates execution at scale, whether that’s 100 or 5,000 locations.


Maximize ROI During a Store Refresh

Fulfill Multiple Goals

Solutions that boost sales and build customer loyalty.


Add Value to QSR Initiatives

Begin with the End in Mind

From concept to implementation, ROI is always the focus.


Retail and COVID-19

Consumer Sentiment Evolution

How consumer attitudes and preferences are changing.

Retail Life in COVID19

Retail Life in the Time of COVID-19

Revisiting Research

COVID-19 forced changes in how we manage public spaces.

Retail Data-Driven Design

Data-Driven Retail Design

Create Experiences that Inspire

Great retail design begins with strategic research.

Importance of Green Retailer

Is It Important to be a Green Retailer?

Redefining Sustainability in Retail

Our study explores a number of in-store factors and green shopping tendencies.

Centennials and Millennials Banking

How Not to Be Your Mother's Bank

Banking for the Next Generations

Learn how Centennials and Millennials select and use banks and their branches.

Questions to Ask Print Partner

Questions to Ask Your Print Management Partner

Print Management Execution

“Too-Good-To-be-True” sales pitches often hide costs and deliver dubious, inconsistent quality.


Shopping by Generation

Boomer to Gen Z

Learn more about the habits and preferences of shoppers at any age.

Digital Transformation

Digital Myth Busting

Debunk Challenging Myths

Digital transformation in retail requires a content-based strategy, customer-centric execution and measurable goals.

Consumer Banking Study

2019 Future Branches Consumer Banking Study

Everyday Banking and In-Branch Activity

Understanding the relationship between customers, the bank and the branch.

Retail Innovation at Scale

5 Rs of Innovation at Scale

Cost-Effective Retail Innovation

Learn how to navigate the overflow of enticing technology and anchor your design in customer experience improvement.

Avoid Hidden Costs of a Store Refresh

Avoid Hidden Costs of a Store Refresh

Stay on Track

Achieve your ideal refresh efficiently and cost-effectively.

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SMU: Gallery 1911

SMU wanted to refresh and expand the potential utility of Centennial Hall. Now renamed, its purpose is to celebrate SMU’s past while pointing toward a promising future. It features an immersive environment, highlighted by a 40-plus-foot interactive digital wall that allowed for customized, event-specific content.

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Bring Your Brand To Life

Craft the optimal customer experience wherever people gather, shop or learn. More than a suite of services, we have the expertise you need that spans your entire project.

Financial Video thumbnail
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Great Bank Branch Experiences, Adopted at Scale

Bank Branch design is more than how it looks. It’s how it works. Miller Zell knows how to design great branch experiences with an eye for scale. Or we can value engineer an existing design and create a kit of parts for a range of footprints, ensuring installation efficiency and ROI.

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10 Steps For ROI Success

 A store refresh is not just about a fresh coat of paint, new signs or fancy new digital screens. It’s about creating the ideal customer experience that presents your brand at its aspirational best. It’s also about arriving at that ideal as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.
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Digital at Miller Zell

Digital is now an essential part of the customer (and associate) experience. Learn why in this video and see what our team at Miller Zell can bring to your organization today.

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Digital Solutions

Digital experiences strategically blend into branded environments. From strategy and design, to content, analytics and 24/7 support, we have solutions for you.

WABE NPR Tina Chadwick AND Elizabeth Strickler METAVERSE

Podcast: Tech Cast on WABE

Credit to iStock and Ridofranz

Time to rethink your post-COVID signage strategy?

spiekerman speaks retail with Tina Chadwick

Podcast: Branded Environments and the Experimental Retail Revival

regions bank interior window

High Impact Design at a Fraction of the Cost

color abstract 3d arrows

Want Innovative Retail Solutions? Seek a Strategic Blend of Experience and Creativity

store point retail

StorePoint Retail: A Fun, Informative Discussion of “What’s Next?” for Brick & Mortar Stores

Photo by Justin Lim on Unsplash

Five Areas of Focus for Branded Environments in Peak Season

Set of meta verse icons

The Metaverse is the Next Touchpoint of Omnichannel

national preparedness month 2022

Miller Zell Embraces National Preparedness Month by Prioritizing Associate Safety

store point retail signage with people silhouettes

Miller Zell Eager to Share Innovative Ideas and Our End-to-End Process at StorePoint Retail

Miller Zell golfing charities

Miller Zell’s Annual Charity Golf Classic Benefits Fight Against Breast Cancer, Alzheimer’s Disease

Miller Zell ray room venue located in Atlanta Georgia

Miller Zell Upgrades Client Meeting Room and Patio Dining Area



Specialty Retail: Micro Center

Specialty Retail: Micro Center

LSU Pet Clinic

LSU Pet Clinic

Packaging: Church's Chicken

Packaging: Church's Chicken

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