Miller Zell Hits 100% of Delivery Dates Despite COVID-19 Pandemic

Associates came together under challenging circumstances

By Miller Zell

ATLANTA, June 23, 2020 – The COVID-19 pandemic upended norms and created many challenges for businesses across the country, but Miller Zell is proud to announce it successfully hit all delivery dates for its clients, despite 50 percent staffing in our graphics and logistics centers.

From mid-March until the first week of June, our graphics center packed 68,349 kits and shipped over 50,000 to more than 7,000 different store locations for our banking and retail clients.

“We met all timelines associated with those jobs,” said Scott Allen, Miller Zell’s vice president of manufacturing and logistics. “Nearly 25,000 of these shipments were produced to directly support COVID-19-related signage needs, with urgent and last-minute timeline demands. We met or exceeded our customers’ expectations in every case.  And, I think, knowing that we were helping to support a much bigger cause brought some additional unity and purpose to the team during a challenging time.”

Many of Miller Zell’s clients were considered essential retailers so it was critical to pivot quickly and serve their needs to ensure the health and safety of their shoppers and associates.

Miller Zell associates from a variety of departments pitched in, volunteering to come into our Atlanta headquarters during a time when many were working remotely and observing social distancing, as Miller Zell has and continues to assiduously observe CDC guidelines.

“I’m really proud of how we came together,” said Leslee Barker, operations manager for Miller Zell’s graphics center. “It’s been challenging, but our people never wavered.”

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Miller Zell is a retail experience solutions company. We partner with retailers to create the ideal customer experience in their stores, offering design, implementation, strategy and support that fosters sales growth amid a complex and changing marketplace. We deploy these solutions at scale, thereby minimizing client risk, cost and operational complexity.

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