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CES 2024: Technology That Enriches Human Interactions

Hubspot-author-headshots-Virginia LewisWRITTEN BY
Virginia Lewis
VP, Digital Growth & Development


LAS VEGAS CES 2024 showcased an impressive blend of innovation and human-centric technology. Key themes included AI’s prominence, a retail evolution led by companies like Walmart and the shift toward technology that enriches daily life through hyper-personalization.  

The fusion of AI powered by human creativity underscored the limitless possibilities of future technology, offering a glimpse into a future where technology not only complements but also enhances human experiences.

Here are five takeaways from CES that reflect not only the latest trends but also offer a glimpse into how technology can be leveraged to create more engaging, efficient and meaningful customer and associate experiences.

1. AI-powered retail transformation

Walmart’s leadership in using AI to enhance customer and employee experiences highlighted the potential of AI in retail. Their approach of empowering technology and inclusive innovation is a model for the future.

The use of AI to optimize inventory management and ensure product availability for customers stood out. This system predicts product demand, automates restocking and minimizes waste, enhancing operational efficiency. Generative AI powered search on and their app to provide a more efficient way to find everything you need faster.


2. Human-centric technology

The focus on technology that puts people first, whether in smart homes, health wearables or AI-powered, predictive, preventative health information shows the trend toward more personalized, human-centric solutions, highlighting a commitment to individual well-being through technology. 

Smart mattresses that not only track sleep patterns but also integrate with home systems to create an optimal sleeping environment, adjusting elements like temperature and lighting. Specialized anti-snore pillows designed to reduce sleep apnea risks were on display, while AI-powered sleep monitors offered detailed analyses of sleep patterns and health indicators.


CES 2024 HYpersonalization

3. Hyper-personalization

The shift in consumer electronics toward hyper-personalization – where technology is integrated into our daily lives to add convenience, care and learning – is a significant trend for retailers to consider.

An AI-driven personal shopping assistant app that learns from user preferences and shopping history to provide customized product recommendations and deals. Predictive analysis of shopping history to predict when you need staples like milk, bread and coffee and delivering them straight into your refrigerator before you run out.


Adobe Express 2024-01-31 13.03.16

4. Cross-industry innovation

Technologies designed for specific industries – such as robotics – have potential applications across various sectors, offering exciting possibilities for innovative retail experiences.

Robotics technology used in warehouses being adapted for in-store use to guide customers to products or handle stock replenishment and enhancing the shopping experience.


5. Sustainability and purpose-driven tech

The emphasis on sustainability and purpose-driven innovation, as seen in sectors like AgTech and retail, underscores the importance of aligning technology with ethical and environmental values.

Samsung’s commitment to sustainability in retail packaging is a prime example. They aim to eliminate all plastics in mobile packaging and include recycled material in all-new mobile products by 2025, progressing toward using 100% recycled plastics by 2050. Much of their display at CES was made utilizing recycled materials. This initiative represents aligning technology with environmental goals.


CES 2024 Final B


CES 2024 demonstrated that the heart of technological progress lies in our human qualities of imagination and curiosity. These innovations, born from our innate desire to create and explore, not only make our lives easier and more efficient but also pave the way for a future where technology and humanity are inextricably linked, working together toward a more sustainable, personalized and interconnected world.

At Miller Zell, the infusion of these innovative insights into our practice fuels our passion for designing environments where technology serves to enrich human interactions. Each space is an opportunity for connections to become more meaningful, vibrant and crafted by our collective imagination.

Let us imagine what’s possible for your space!