Making COVID-19 Experiments a Seamless Experience: How to Succeed in Innovation and Rollout

By Tom Ertler for Total Retail


COVID-19, without a doubt, prompted retailers to get the creative juices flowing to entice safety-conscious customers to shop their brands. And by now, the successful experiments have risen to the top and are quickly becoming a part of customers' expectations for the future.

2021 is an exciting year for retail as these innovative experiences become table stakes. While many brands continue to roll out new experiences and services, retailer leaders need to take a note from the success stories and consider a few best practices to ensuring these strategies go smoothly along the way.




Tom Ertler
SVP, Creative Director

Tom Ertler is a retail designer and creative director focused on brand development, graphic communication, environments design and implementation (A&E). His career spans over 30 years and is distinguished by industry awards and, more importantly, industry results for some of the best-known brands in the world as well as emerging brands.