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Are Your Bank Branches Boring?

By Miller Zell

While Miller Zell can’t guarantee this presentation will cure that pesky double-chin, few people know more about transforming bank branches from boring to dynamic and purposeful than Sue Dowd.

Sue, a retail strategist and SVP for financial services at Miller Zell, delivered a creative, insightful and definitely refreshing presentation at Future Branches in December in Austin, Texas. Her chief message? Look up from your phone and look around for design inspiration because it’s there.

Sue often leads Miller Zell clients on retail walking tours in various metropolitan areas, pointing out what looks good and what doesn’t. But her overriding intent is to consider what works and what doesn’t. She fleshes out some of her cumulative insights from those tours in this video.

She takes you from Denver to Boston to Atlanta to Toronto. She looks at sidewalks and signage, outdoor pianos and trees painted blue. She takes note of banks, libraries, airports and yogurt shops. She pauses for tea and donuts, free umbrellas and coffee. She considers the dog-friendly business and the affluent customer.

She ponders the good, the bad and the downright ugly. Yes, it’s a neat journey. As she notes, “Inspiration is all around us… you just need to take time to look.”

“Inspiration is all around us… you just need to take time to look.”

Click here to take a look for yourself.

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