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Miller Zell Announces Variable Print-on-Demand Solutions

ATLANTA, GA, Nov. 17, 2021 – Miller Zell has launched a variable print-on-demand (POD) solution. In addition to reducing up-front costs and eliminating warehousing fees and stagnant inventory, this latest offering from Miller Zell integrates with our REACH™ technology to tie into campaigns, structural elements and installation schedules.

“Miller Zell’s focus is always on serving our clients in the best way possible,” Miller Zell President Paul Papantonis said. “Our customizable print-on-demand solutions provide clients efficient execution along with best-in-class output and overall cost savings. Tie that to REACH™, our integrated digital platform, and you have an end-to-end solution.”

Miller Zell’s POD services utilize advanced printing equipment that supports diverse finishing and shipping capabilities and produces a variety of products for quick turnarounds, typically within 24 hours. It is integrated into our REACH™ technology that streamlines the ordering experience with shopping cart functionality, tracking notifications and spending history while also providing easy reorders and customizable billing.

Please contact Miller Zell for more information.