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Innovation at Scale

Few retailers debate the need to innovate, but the critical question is how?

Responsible, cost-effective retail innovation is just like any other business practice. Base it in customer experience improvement and revenue generation.

Learn how to apply the 5 Rs to navigate the overflow of enticing technology and anchor your retail store design in customer experience improvement.

This is a framework for driving innovation within large organizations. The framework is based on five key principles: Reframe, Rethink, Reallocate, Reorganize, and Reinvest. The e-book explains how each principle can be applied to transform an organization's approach to innovation and enable it to achieve scalable results. We also provide examples of how leading companies have successfully implemented the 5 Rs framework and highlights the benefits they have achieved. By following this framework, your organization can create a culture of innovation that fosters creativity, drives growth, and delivers sustainable competitive advantage.


When you're through, here is a shorter checklist for easy reading.