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Design Development & Prototyping

Designed and Built for ROI

Designed for the Real World

Innovative Thinking with Purpose

Design engineers inherently understand how to bring creative designs to life. And a focus on value engineering guides modeling to material selection to manufacturing know-how. Finally, prototyping before implementation lets you test and measure before adopting at scale.

Art, science and engineering combined

Executing your design plan efficiently, precisely and on budget is a challenge, whether it’s for 5,000 retail stores, 500 quick-serve restaurants, 75 bank branches or a facility at a major university.

  • Be informed and aware of the whole cost from design through installation
  • Understand which are the best materials to solve your in-store challenges
  • Consider numerous manufacturing methods and evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of each
Design Development Engineers
Scalable Environments

The Power of Prototyping

See and experience the fixture or décor environment for feedback before moving to procurement, production and adopting at scale. This transparent, end-to-end approach minimizes risk and maximizes return on investment.

  • Our close-knit partnership of designers, architects and engineers merge creativity with practicality to develop and execute your physical experience design plans.
  • We focus on material selection, fixture assembly methods, end-user ergonomics and environmental impact to best fit your environment, on-site resources and budget.
  • Cross-functional teams fully understand and assess operational challenges, make facility visits, brainstorm solutions and craft detailed engineering documents to determine the best manufacturing methods and materials.
  • Industrial designers engineer custom fixtures that can be manufactured on time and on budget.
  • Computer-aided designers (CAD) create environment and signage plans to envision the space and identify potential issues before production, shipping and installation.
Kit of Parts

Great design is not just how it looks.
It’s also how it works.

Repeatable and consistent brand delivery keeps your design modern and your content strategy positioned for the physical environment. We make your design rollout-ready by extracting a kit of parts to accommodate a range of footprints and investment levels.

  • Define and standardize branding environments like interior signage, focal branding elements, customer experience zones and merchandising communications
  • Efficiently manage floor plans, photos, marketing asset locations and type and marketing campaigns
  • Create consistency across markets, reduce local variation and design choices and elevate brand perception
  • Develop a content strategy and deploy it across static and digital installations
Kit of Parts
Printer Esko

On-Brand Fixture and Décor Programs

A trained and experienced team provides not only an efficiency advantage but also guides the process from concept to value engineering and from production to delivery. Built-in quality control processes and the best-in-industry project management technology, REACH™, ensure coordination, trackability and insight across your fixture and décor programs.

A holistic design approach:
  • Client budgets, environmental conditions and product volumes
  • Freight, packing and ease of retail installation
  • Maintenance, life cycle, ADA requirements and other codes

Our outstanding engineering solutions have fostered enduring relationships with some of the most demanding and cost-conscious clients in the retail space.

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