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Miller Zell Associates Complete IDEO U Courses to Better Serve Clients

ATLANTA, GA, Feb. 8, 2022 — Miller Zell designers, strategists and digital experience teams recently completed a series of IDEO U courses to bolster and support their creative problem-solving skills to stay ahead of a rapidly changing marketplace.

IDEO Design Thinking is a creative operating principle that helps teams uncover answers that address a human need.

“It’s a foundational skill for what Miller Zell does in retail and with all our work in branded environments,” said Tina Chadwick, Miller Zell’s SVP for Strategy, Creative & Digital.

“IDEO teaches — and in some cases reminds — designers of all levels to start with the end users in mind: customers and employees,” Chadwick said. “It’s so easy to get caught up in the design itself and lose sight of who will actually use the space and for what reasons.”

Miller Zell associates focused on two classes. “From Ideas to Action is a five-week exploration of the design thinking skills of ideation, prototyping and iteration. “Insights for Innovation is a five-week study of human-centered design, an in-depth focus on the first phase of design thinking, one grounded in the needs of the people for whom you are creating. The series of courses add up to earning a Design Thinking certification.

“Taking these classes is all about better serving our clients,” Chadwick said. “In fact, we’ve already seen positive results on the creative and delivery side in current work.”