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Behind the Screens: Leading with Experience Design in Retail

Hubspot-author-headshots-Virginia LewisWRITTEN BY
Virginia Lewis
VP, Digital Growth and Development


At Miller Zell, we define “Experience Design” as the art of creating meaningful interactions that resonate deeply across all facets of a customer’s journey.

In today’s world, where consumers place immense value on experiences, our approach to digital transformation in retail spaces is both holistic and deeply integrated, designed to meet evolving expectations and enhance every interaction.

A vision for integrated digital solutions

Our philosophy extends beyond simple technological implementation.

We believe that digital solutions — be it through digital price tags, digital displays, apps, augmented reality or immersive experiences — are organic parts of the retail environment.

These technologies are not just added components. They are seamlessly integrated to enrich and elevate the customer and associate experience, ensuring satisfaction and a lasting positive impression of the brand.

This vision goes beyond merely adopting new technologies. It involves a holistic rethinking of how every element in a store can engage and inform.

ntuitive associate app for Micro Center. 
Miller Zell developed a high-performing, intuitive associate app for Micro Center. 

Collaborative innovation as a collective team

At Miller Zell, collaboration is at the heart of innovation. We approach every project as a united team, working closely with our clients to foster a shared understanding and mutual ambition.

This collaboration is crucial as it allows us to tailor solutions that are not only innovative but also deeply aligned with your brand’s core values, identity and business goals.

Strategies for engaging retail spaces: A holistic approach

  1. Integrative digital signage: We reimagine how signs function in stores. Instead of static displays, our digital signage serves as an active element of storytelling, making promotions, wayfinding and product information more engaging and accessible.

  2. Interactive elements: From digital price tags & QR codes that offer real-time information and reviews to augmented reality experiences that bring products to life, we leverage technology to transform how information is conveyed and experiences are crafted.

  3. Seamless customer journeys: Our goal is to make technology an intuitive part of the shopping experience, ensuring that it enhances rather than disrupts the customer journey. This involves thoughtful placement and integration of digital touchpoints throughout the store.

behind the screens woman using technology

We believe that the best digital solutions are those that understand and enhance the human experience of shopping. This means designing technologies that not only improve efficiency and operations but also enrich the roles of associates, allowing them to become true brand ambassadors and customer guides.

Let’s create together

Our commitment to digital excellence in retail is about crafting experiences that are not only innovative but also deeply human. We invite other brands to join us in rethinking the potential of their retail spaces as platforms for meaningful digital interaction.

We see every project as an opportunity to write a new chapter in the story of retail. If you are inspired to explore the potential of digital transformation in your spaces, let’s connect and, together, shape the future of retail.