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In-House State-of-the-Art Innovation

Miller Zell solutions are crafted to deepen the connection between our clients and their customers. We integrate digital into the physical space by focusing on the customer and employee experience. The entire office in Atlanta is utilized to ensure we deliver on our promise of being “All In” with our customers. Our digital lab serves as an innovation catalyst allowing our team to offer unique digital solutions.

miller zell digital lab exterior

What is a digital lab, really?

At Miller Zell, it is a dedicated space where we test and experiment with new technology, software and hardware in a controlled environment. This enables us to identify and evaluate the potential impact of these technologies on the environments we design for — or deploy to — before implementing them for our clients.

Testing technology is an essential part of any modern growth strategy. With the rapid pace of technological change, it can be challenging to keep up with the latest trends and determine which tools are worth investing in. A digital lab provides an opportunity to explore emerging technologies and assess their potential value and impact on your business and customers.

Have a project in mind or looking to explore our full digital capabilities? We got you covered. 


Digital lab wall state of the art innovation_body

Why this works for Miller Zell and our clients

Miller Zell is a true end-to-end partner. We believe the advantage of having a digital lab is the ability to collaborate with other team members and stakeholders across all our disciplines, from strategy to design, engineering to IT and more. By bringing together different perspectives and expertise, we can identify new opportunities for growth and innovation. The lab provides the much-needed space for in-house concepts, live demos and solution oversight throughout the course of our projects.

Providing a controlled environment for experimentation, collaboration and innovation, the Miller Zell digital lab helps us identify the most effective technology and tools for achieving our clients’ goals. 

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