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New Year, New Trends: What Retail Has Coming Our Way

By Tina Chadwick

It’s an exciting year in retail.

We’re emerging from a two-year pandemic cloud that decreased store visits yet accelerated technology for shopping on all fronts. Consumers adapted lightning fast to a more self-serve, pickup and delivery mindset with minimized employee interaction. The effects of that are a wave of new behaviors and trends that continue to change the retail landscape across most verticals.  

This kind of sweeping start to the year is why I’m so excited to announce the Miller Zell 2023 Speaker Series offered in person in our Atlanta headquarters or now via livestream.

We’re kicking off strong with renowned retail guru, Carol Spieckerman, who is well-known for her excellent podcast and previously moderated a panel at Miller Zell on retail innovation with me and Miller Zell Chief Creative Officer Tom Ertler and SVP – Sales & National Accounts Michael Larkin.

On March 16, she’s going to take us through her insights on: “Navigating Retail from Now to Next: Ten Transformational Trajectories.” I can’t wait to hear her take on these trending topics and more!  

  • Why 2023 will be the year of the store
  • How the brand landscape will transform (for the better)
  • Why D2C is due for a cool-down
  • How retail organizational shifts will impact innovation
  • Why merchandise sales won’t matter as much
  • How diversification will drive retail forward

This will give retailers a great foundational focus for a year of successful retail maneuvering.

Then join us for an energetic, inspiring journey from retail powerhouse Stephanie Stuckey on May 4. She bought her family’s “Stuckey’s” brand back and is bringing it quickly to relevance and reverence. Be prepared for a high-energy, riveting, fun talk with this ever-in-motion CEO who handles her own marketing and social media.   

We’ve got a powerful summer Speaker Series lined up as well. Stay tuned to for more inspiring and worth-hearing expert retail voices.

If you have an idea or a speaker you’d like to hear, reach out and we’ll talk through what you have in mind.