Creating Retail Relevance


Design is Data Made Visible

Retail is littered with award-winning designs that failed because they were impractical, too expensive to adopt at scale or connected better with artists than with customers.

Good retail design is about knowing the brand at its aspirational best and its customers, present and potential. It starts with meticulous site surveys with 360-degree panoramic views and comprehensive discussions with clients about retail branding strategies. It’s about 2D floorplans and elevations that show a detailed and scaled placement of retail graphics and fixtures so the creative department, project managers, installation teams and, most important, the client are aligned throughout the process.

Retail design is art, science and engineering, and the details are critical. Miller Zell owns over a half-century of experience focusing on material selection, fixture assembly methods, end-user ergonomics and environmental impact.

Our approach considers the design implications on freight, packing and ease of retail installation, as well as on maintenance, lifecycle and ADA requirements and other codes. Throughout the process, we perform whole-cost analysis and holistic value engineering, ensuring the client is informed every step of the way.

Great design is just the start, though. Read on to see our expertise with executing at Scale and how we help long-term with Guide.



Research, Insights & Trends

Creating exceptional shopper experiences starts with research and insights into each unique retailer needs. Our team delivers qualitative and quantitative insights that drive our award-winning environment design and in-store creative.


Site Surveys

Meticulous site surveys with 360-degree panoramic views and 2D floorplans and elevations show a detailed and scaled placement of every store element to ensure clients stay informed throughout the process.


Strategy Development

Retailers need a holistic approach when optimizing their customer experience and building brand loyalty. That means understanding every step of the customer journey across all channels.


Space Planning

Space planning from Miller Zell, based on research, strategy and design, delivers an efficient flow of shoppers, increases dwell times and basket size.


Design (Store Interiors, Campaign, Content)

Miller Zell design starts with data and insights into specific retailer needs. Our 28-person design team offers a wide range of specialties, from interior to environmental to graphic to industrial to production art.



In-house engineering teams bring designs to life. It’s partnership where creativity is enhanced with value engineering for practicality and return on investment



Our prototyping process enables retailers to implement, test and measure different innovative solutions before adopting at scale. This agile approach minimizes risk and maximizes ROI.

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