Retail Marketing Solutions

Agile Execution. Optimized Brands. Transparent Costs.


Comprehensive, agile and fully transparent integrated marketing execution services for retailers, CPGs and those who need the highest-quality brand communications, print and production.
  •  Dedicated graphics and print production experts to support your internal teams
  •  Optimized marketing spend through a proprietary competitive bidding platform
  •  Guaranteed quality execution through a certified print production network
  •  Best-in-class technology and processes eliminate complexity, re-work and errors

Value Added From Start to Finish

End-to-end expertise and transparent program management that optimize spending and foster efficiency across all communication channels
Retail Print Program Management

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Reach™ for end-to-end efficiency and insight

Intuitive and customizable platform to manage your signage, fixture and decor programs. Orders, inventory, localization and real-time data deliver efficiency and insight.

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Retail Logistics Software


55+ Years in Retail Marketing Execution

A hardwired fixation on quality and client satisfaction provides comprehensive customer support

Total Spend Optimization

Total Spend Optimization

Our model provides transparency into our partner networks. We analyze historic spend patterns, inventory levels and shipping history to identify print-on-demand opportunities.

Value Engineering

Value Engineering

Remove costs by evaluating print volumes, historical spend and inventory levels, and align resources, print processes and substrates to provide alternatives to meet quality, price and supply chain requirements.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Dedicated QA managers with responsibility to meet program standards for print, color, root cause analysis and provide continual improvement. We are a G7 Master Qualified Facility printer.

Service Level Agreements

Service Level Agreements

Our SLAs establish Key Performance Indicators, such as kit accuracy, on-time delivery and actual vs. budgeted costs, which are established and tracked in real time.

Brand & Color Management

Brand & Color Management

As a G7 Master Printer and Brand Color provider, we use industry-leading color management software & tools for production consistency. We use press optimization as our experts manage brand colors across multiple substrates and press platforms. We archive our clients’ brand colors to be digitally stored in a color library for reproduction.

Client Security

Client Security

We offer dedicated client teams and rooms to ensure security. Our RFID inventory guarantees print materials are never mixed. We use technology enabled, user-based permissions for project management, artwork and campaign execution.

Diversity Spend

Diversity Spend

We source specific supply chain needs across diverse businesses, which are vetted and held to stringent requirements for equipment, quality control and security.


Remain engaged with your core marketing and merchandising activities while Miller Zell's Retail Marketing Solutions manages and delivers your marketing programs.

  • Transparent Costing Approach
    Know exactly how much it costs to print your marketing materials with visibility into the bidding process 

  • Certified Print Partnership Network
    Access vetted network of print partners that is held to stringent requirements for best-in-class equipment, technology, quality workflows and security procedures

  • Print-on-Demand
    Proactively oversee your inventory of marketing materials to decrease your overall spend by converting infrequently used items to print-on-demand and ensuring just-in-time production to minimize your carrying costs​

  • Comprehensive Branding Coverage
    Manage both your in-store and out-of-store needs, packaging and even extend to your digital or e-comm branding

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Comprehensive yet flexible print, production, service expertise to manage your in-retail campaigns.

Performance and savings guarantees

By creating a Total Spend Optimization model, we ensure clients’ budgets are managed efficiently and effectively. Our costs and print partner network are completely transparent.

By analyzing historical spend patterns, inventory levels and shipping history, we identify opportunities to convert infrequently used items to print-on-demand, thereby reducing client carrying costs. We collaborate with clients to understand every service need and performance requirement.

The performance and costs of campaigns are measured through REACH™  to document the entire process from initiation to completion. Accuracy measures, such as Kit Accuracy and Service Level Agreements (SLAs), are established at the beginning of our relationship. Our QA program is then used to track and report on our performance against these goals. These reports can be reviewed at agreed-upon intervals to develop improvement programs and optimize spending by service.

New & innovative POP solutions

Miller Zell has a dedicated department of full-time structural engineers focused on designing store fixtures and POP elements like hardware, substrates, materials with an eye toward value and ease of implementation. Because our Retail Solutions team completes more than 10,000 store installations annually, our design engineers take a “retail-realistic” approach to thinking through the challenges, costs and timing involved in installations.

Customized reporting

Miller Zell maintains a web development team and provides custom programming for all our clients. Our size allows us to be nimble and flexible. Your needs are our priorities.

Examples of custom programming:

  • An inventory catalog with images and a drill-down for component items
  • Online reporting to client specifications for installation tracking
  • File sharing for collaboration with annotations and versioning capability via a portal
Customized day-to-day campaign requirements

Customized print and production program management starts with defining a client’s preferred ways of working and communicating as well as establishing the attributes required for each store location. We use dedicated creative talent who understands your brand guidelines. All of this information is set up and managed within our integrated campaign management software, REACH™. Dedicated creative teams develop and extend campaign concepts and establish templated artwork for future print-on-demand orders. REACH™ provides clients, store associates and field teams real-time project and installation tracking. It also captures key performance indicators, including budgetary parameters. 

Integration across digital content, packaging and other marketing sales channels

Our “Retail Marketing Solutions” model is founded upon the primary goal of delivering ROI. This includes an obsessive focus on managing your budget with solutions custom-built by a dedicated and flexible team to adapt your brand consistently across all sales channels. In fact, we help clients improve their marketing products and brand messaging in unique and cost-effective ways, often reducing their spending and enhancing ROI.

Third-party inventory integration for kit packing accuracy

You can send additional materials to be warehoused and kitted together. Online orders also can be linked directly to third-party suppliers.

Brand extension production art

Utilizing dedicated graphic and production artists, our creative teams become your brand stewards by understanding your brand identity, print process and end-use requirements to deliver print-ready, production art and prepress files. Project art files are stored and routed for approval online to ensure copy, dielines and design layout are completed to spec with full transparency on timeline and history.

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