Retail Banking Design

Creating Branded Environments For Your Branch Network


For nearly 20 years, the banking division at Miller Zell has been creating relevant, branded environments for financial institutions and their customers. We understand the unique needs and nuances of retail branch banking. By combining that knowledge with a retail design strategy that accounts for shopper mindset and your bank’s differentiating qualities, we’re able to deliver solutions that are relevant and on-brand, every time.


We can help with your branch transformation:

  •  Merger or acquisition rebranding
  •  Improving the bank’s customer experience at the retail branch level
  •  Developing a concept / prototype branch, or a branch of the future program
  •  Facilitating transaction migration to an advisory-based model
  •  Implementing a branch refresh or renovation for a tired retail network
  •  Determining how to rollout a new store concept in a kit-of-parts program to your branch footprint
  •  Making improvements to branch wayfinding and interior signage, or 
  •  Communicating important branch messaging across your network via print merchandising and digital signage



Case Studies

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Citizens Bank

Functional creativity in small spaces

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Wells Fargo Bank

Customized campaign efficiency

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Regions Bank

Quality in. Costs out.

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TD Bank

Connecting bank and community

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Miller Zell And You
A Partnership You Can Take To The Bank

Our retail banking clients benefit from dedicated, multidisciplinary teams including award winning designers, experienced engineers, program managers, print production managers, implementation, and supply chain experts.
End-to-end, Miller Zell provides comprehensive value-add services focused on helping our customers succeed at retail. Because we provide turn-key services on a large scale, we are able to offer single source accountability, competitive pricing, and speed of roll-out.

Retail Banking Design Services

Designing retail banking establishments is a complex process. When clients walk through your doors, they want to feel comfortable and secure. Every aspect of retail banking design, from the signage on the walls to the floorplan itself, is an opportunity to convey your brand message. Your clients live in a retail-centric world, and our extensive retail design experience can help you create a unified and familiar branch experience. Through our knowledge of wayfinding and shopper behavior, we can show you how to educate your clients on bank services and products that add value to their lives.

The seamless integration of physical and digital platform design can be a key driver in building brand recognition and securing customer loyalty. As an established financial retail experience design company, Miller Zell can help you determine the optimal way to communicate with your clients and transform a transaction into a moment that builds meaningful relationships.



Scaling Retail Banking Designs

From in-store locations to branch banking headquarters, Miller Zell develops scalable financial retail design solutions that fit your footprint and budget. Our proprietary REACH™ software project management system has helped clients like Citizens Bank and Wells Fargo streamline multi-location projects and eliminate waste, saving time, money and materials. And our impressive in-house capabilities boast state-of-art equipment, including first-in-class screen presses, the most advanced computer-to-screen laser imaging and the latest in digital print technology.

Whether you need to roll out a fully fledged, branch-wide refresh or seasonally update signage and literature, we have the capabilities to meet your varying needs. Our experienced project management team comes to the table with the insights and strategy necessary to create a cohesive, consistent financial banking experience that maximizes each location’s ability to serve their clients.

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Optimize Retail Banking Design Solutions

In our modern world, banking innovation and technological advances can rapidly change the financial retail experience. We don’t simply keep up with those changes; we participate in that innovation and advancement. At Miller Zell, we pride ourselves on building ongoing, strategic relationships with our clients. We continually work to optimize, enhance and refine our banking retail solutions, so that you can stay on the cutting edge and offer your clients a state-of-the-art experience.

Before, during and after installation, we provide a transparent, client-centric approach that is agile and customizable. Our proprietary REACH™ software system puts you in control of every aspect of your project, allowing you to create a database of store-specific specifications and requirements, so you’ll never second-guess your needs again.

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