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Transparent, Intuitive and Customizable

Supply Chain Orchestration

Customizable, One-Stop-Shop

Efficiently Manage Location Attributes, Orders, Planning and Scheduling

REACH™, Miller Zell’s proprietary and centralized, web-based retail logistics system, is an intuitive and customizable management system that enables you access to your projects. Whether used on a desktop, tablet or cell phone, intuitively and efficiently manage your orders, planning and scheduling during rollouts. 

With a few simple clicks, you can:
  • Simplify Shipping and Installations
  • Order Fixtures and Décor
  • Conduct Planning
  • Administer Scheduling
  • Manage Signage
  • Maintain Inventory
  • Implement Campaigns
  • Access Multiple Locations Floorplans
REACH dashboard - imac and iphone mockup
Retail Logistics System
Integrated Technology

Mistake-Proof, Transparent, Powerful

Designed to Minimize Order Errors and Miscommunications

Its design requires little to no training. From survey management and installation, to print campaigns and quarterly rollouts, REACH™ is the comprehensive logistical system that transforms a process from winding and complex to straightforward and simple.

With built-in alerts, such as order corrections that automatically include the correct hardware package when you purchase fixtures, you and your team stay informed throughout. 

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Essential Tools

Technology That Delivers 

REACH™ incorporates a high-level of automation and functionality so you can be more productive while maintaining a transparent and simple way to verify accountability throughout.

Miller zell_REACH_landing-page-icons_120x120_24 7 Access thgrough secure web interface

24/7 access through secure web interface

Miller zell_REACH_landing-page-icons_120x120_Centralized Profile Database

Centralized profile database

Miller zell_REACH_landing-page-icons_120x120_Intuitive UI

Intuitive user interface

Miller zell_REACH_landing-page-icons_120x120_Messaging between retail hq and field teams

Messaging between headquarters and field teams

Miller zell_REACH_landing-page-icons_120x120_Available on desktop tablet or mobile

Availability on desktop, tablet or mobile

Miller zell_REACH_landing-page-icons_120x120_Real time inventory

Real-time inventory

Miller zell_REACH_landing-page-icons_120x120_Photo and file sharing

Photo and file sharing

Miller zell_REACH_landing-page-icons_120x120_Real time shipment tracking

Real-time shipment tracking information

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REACH™ in Action



Campaign Management: Well Fargo

Campaign Management: Wells Fargo

Strategic Sourcing: Under Armour

Strategic Sourcing: Under Armour