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Church's Chicken Sandwich

Delicious design, tasty execution

Church’s wanted a new chicken sandwich to live up to its tradition of down home deliciousness, which is why its executive chef spent over a year in development. When it attained that excellence, Church’s needed a breakthrough launch for this signature sandwich that customers would love. Church’s enlisted Miller Zell and other partners to work together to lead the introduction of its tasty new product.


Miller Zell took charge of logo design, packaging, copywriting, photography, interior and exterior signage, POP, menu boards and direct mail, as well as a pre-launch kit to energize executives, owners and associates. It all communicated to both loyal and potential customers that a new, must-have entrant had entered the chicken sandwich wars.


The launch was an overwhelming success—the chicken sandwich earning great reviews—with Church’s executives celebrating the “outstanding POP” that tantalized customers with the new product. Said Brian Gies, Church’s global chief marketing officer,

“Our passionate fans had long awaited the Church’s Chicken Sandwich, so we knew how important it was to get it right. And we did by leading with crave appeal in our marketing and delivering on experience with everything you love about Church’s between two buns.”


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