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The Magic Touch for Fixture and Gondola Solutions

Prototyping is a critical part of the retail store development process. For one, you get to see your new brand experience before it’s deployed. Less obvious is another part of understanding the functionality and value of your merchandising on gondolas and fixtures: touch.

Touch helps you know the quality, durability and versatility of what will become the backbone of your stores.

Let’s consider what that means for evaluating fixtures and gondolas solutions.

Durability is Point A with retail merchandising

Durability starts with fixtures and gondolas lasting longer and looking consistently good throughout that extended period of use.

If it’s a modular system that offers merchandising flexibility — and it should be — then durability is also about being able to change configurations quickly and easily for seasonal needs, new product lines or promotional campaigns.

"High-quality gondolas and fixtures are built to withstand the wear and tear of daily use in retail environments."

Can your gondolas support a temporary (or permanent) exoskeleton that provides different and elevated ways to present products, while also maximizing merchandising space? If so, you’ve got easy options to change your stores’ look and feel so customers are more engaged.

High-quality gondolas and fixtures are built to withstand the wear and tear of daily use in retail environments. They are more resistant to damage, such as scratches, dents and breakage, ensuring a longer lifespan and reducing the need for frequent replacements. This helps retailers save money in the long run and ensures that your store remains visually appealing to customers.

modular shelf with product in store

Enhanced product presentation, brand image

Another part of the prototyping experience is seeing and examining your products on shelves. You get to become your customers and think like them and reach for and examine products as they would. And be impressed or not.

The use of high-quality gondolas and fixtures enhances both the presentation and experience of touching products in-store. Well-designed fixtures showcase products in an organized and attractive manner, making it easier for customers to browse and find what they need. This can lead to increased sales and improved customer satisfaction.

"...poorly made fixtures can generate a negative impression toward customers, suggesting that the retailer does not prioritize quality..."

Yes, customers are unlikely to walk out of your stores going, “Wow. Great gondolas!” But they will retain a general feeling, either good or bad. That’s all about the brand experience you create, and the perception customers retain and potentially spread via social media or word of mouth.

Cheap, poorly made fixtures can generate a negative impression toward customers, suggesting that the retailer does not prioritize quality or care about the shopping experience. On the positive side, high-quality fixtures can convey a sense of professionalism and attention to detail, enhancing the retailer’s brand image.

A better all-around associate experience

Just as customers prefer a retail environment that feels high-quality, so do your associates. High quality also supports and eases the burden of merchandising changes based on seasonal needs or product sales or even inventory assessments, making them simple to execute.

A durable gondola and fixture system also doesn’t require tedious upkeep, with overburdened associates taking orders from irritated managers about patchwork repairs and maintenance.

Further, durable gondolas and fixtures are more secure and less likely to pose safety hazards in your stores. They can support heavy loads without collapsing or tipping over, reducing the risk of accidents or injuries to customers or associates. This is particularly important in high-traffic areas or when displaying fragile or expensive merchandise.

store shelves in aisle expensive merchandise


Long-term savings & sustainability

While high-quality gondolas and fixtures may have higher upfront costs, they can result in long-term cost savings for retailers.

By investing in durable fixtures, retailers can avoid the frequent replacement costs associated with cheaper, less durable options. Additionally, the improved product presentation and customer experience can lead to increased sales and revenue over time.

And when you don’t frequently replace a significant part of your store, that means you send less to landfills. You also can communicate to your vendor partners that you want gondolas and fixtures produced from recycled or sustainable materials to make clear your brand’s commitment to eco-friendly policies.

modular shelves made from cardboard sustainable material in store

Then you can share these initiatives with your customers. They will appreciate your efforts, which can both save you money and boost your brand image.

Investing in high-quality gondolas and fixtures goes beyond aesthetics.

Durability is about look and feel today and in three, five or 10 years. This is a strategic decision that impacts the entire customer journey, today and well into the future. It also supports your associates, boosts your brand and delivers ROI.