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High Impact Design at a Fraction of the Cost

High Impact Design at a Fraction of the Cost with American Builders Quarterly

In 2020, Regions turned to Miller Zell, wanting to speed up its branch building process and to develop a smaller, more efficient footprint. We created NEXUS Lite, inspired by the NEXUS concept but at a fraction of the cost. We focused on high impact environmental branding elements supported by creative use of more cost-effective brand tools, like paint and branded vinyl. With both design and execution, we added flexibility that expedited build and installation. 

Miller Zell began by conducting research to understand the bank's customers and what they were looking for in a banking experience. This research was used to inform the design of the new space. The result was a bright, open, and modern branch that featured several key design elements.

The result of these design changes was a significant improvement in customer satisfaction and business performance. Regions Bank saw an increase in new account openings and an overall improvement in customer engagement. The bank was also able to streamline its operations, reducing the amount of time it took to complete transactions and freeing up employees to focus on higher-level tasks.

Overall, the Albuquerque branch redesign is an excellent example of how a thoughtful and well-executed design can have a significant impact on business success. By prioritizing the customer experience and incorporating technology, Regions Bank was able to create a space that met the needs of its customers while also driving business growth.