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A Candid Conversation with Metaverse Expert, Elizabeth Strickler

What is the Metaverse? Well, it’s not fully here so there is no final answer … yet.

A conversation with Metaverse expert Elizabeth Strickler sheds some light on this new frontier.

It’s clear that retailers – or any brand with a physical environment – need to proceed thoughtfully into the Metaverse. Simply put, everything in real life (or IRL to those adopting the lingo) will eventually be recreated in the Metaverse. And it won’t be an exact replica since these virtual worlds aren’t bound by permits, queues, parking and other inconveniences from the physical world. To succeed, brands should use this opportunity to create something new with a tailored, virtual experience.

Be sure to check out these key moments from the video to get started.

01:17     How do you translate a retail experience into the Metaverse?

03:00     Where should you start?

04:10     How do different generations interact with the Metaverse?

06:15     What is the state of commerce in the Metaverse?

08:40     What are the table stakes for Retailers in the Metaverse?

10:15     Why the Metaverse demands a clear understanding of your brand

To learn more, watch Strickler’s entire presentation, Get Versed in the Metaverse.
Or, download Miller Zell’s guide on understanding the Metaverse and how to get started.   

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