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From Concept to Completion

Bring Your Ideas into Fruition

Download this guide to better understand what constitutes a true, value-driven, end-to-end service.

  • Leverage comprehensive partnership with end-to-end collaborative expertise
  • Work with a single point of contact to elevate your project, streamline processes and enhance outcomes
  • Ensure your ROI with a "no handoffs" approach to project management


The "Concept to Completion" e-book by Miller Zell provides an in-depth look at the process of bringing a retail design project from concept to reality. Let's break down the project lifecycle into six phases: planning, design, production, installation, launch, and ongoing support. Each phase is explored in detail, with practical tips, best practices, and case studies provided to guide readers through the process. This resource emphasizes the importance of collaboration, communication, and attention to detail at every stage of the project. By using this e-book, retailers can gain a better understanding of the project lifecycle and ensure their retail design projects are executed smoothly and successfully.