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Guide for an enduring partnership

Guide is about efficiency, unparalleled customer support and, above all, client satisfaction. It’s our philosophy throughout the entire Miller Zell operation, but it steps into the spotlight during and after installations. It’s our way of providing a transparent, client-centered process of making sure each store gets exactly what it needs for its individualized refresh. We replace stress and complexity with a couple of clicks and responsive client services.

Our proprietary software, REACH™, helps clients customize their orders during retail rollouts and into the future. This eliminates waste – time, money and materials – quashing unnecessary printing and shipping costs.

Our campaign management team works with clients to cater to distinct, store-level needs. We’re there coordinating if the client customizes orders according to region, with retail branding strategies and targeted shopper insights. We’re there if the focus is on consolidating printing and fixtures from multiple vendors across a national chain of stores.

But this isn’t only about warehousing, clicking and shipping. This is an active strategic partnership. We continue searching for retail solutions with you. What’s working well? What could make things better? We evaluate campaigns with client feedback, improvements versus original benchmarks, changing goals and new trends and shopper insights.

Our focus on retail solutions never ends, and that motivates our curated support for our clients.

Read Design and Scale to learn how Miller Zell starts with strategy and creative solutions and rolls them out across your chain.  




REACH™ is our proprietary retail logistics software. With an intuitive user interface, REACH™  provides an efficient means to manage orders, conduct retail design inventory management and view multiple floor plans. This ensures installation and maintenance are seamless across all your locations. REACH™ also serves as a database of store-by-store specifications, so you’ll never second-guess your needs again. 


Inventory Management

With 30,000 square feet of space, Miller Zell handles all your retail design inventory management needs. We monitor, maintain and manage item fulfillment, inventory levels and reorder status, as well as provide value-added distribution. That means we streamline retail design inventory management for you by combining materials from multiple suppliers in one turn-key marketing kit.


Information Management

Our robust proprietary retail logistics software, REACH™, coupled with our knowledgeable retail design information management team lets us store, organize and manage all types of client information, from store-specific data to installation and survey activities. Together, our software and service teams keep your project streamlined, on time and on budget.


Campaign Management

Internal project management teams partner with client directors to conduct detailed retail store design data analysis that informs campaign management decisions. We have a proven track record of successfully executing and tracking marketing initiatives, product launches and graphic rollouts that realize effective retail design experiences.



While the visual appeal of retail store design cannot be understated, form must also follow function. It’s critical to measure the shopper experience as customers’ wants and needs change. A partnership with us includes ongoing retail store design data analysis and recommendations to continually improve your customer experience.


Digital CMS

Successful digital signage deployment demands an agile content management system that can handle changing needs and seasonal refreshes with ease. Our retail digital content management system delivers on that need, putting scalable solutions at your fingertips.

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