Distinguishing a convenience store brand

The Challenge

Alltown knew it possessed a strong brand among convenience stores in New England. It also knew it wanted a fresh, modernized store design, a true store of the future. They wanted to differentiate themselves among convenience stores, engaging customers like a farmer’s market rather than a gas station.

The Solution

Miller Zell considered Alltown’s brand at its aspirational best. Our designers thought of New England, Martha’s Vineyard, and organic groceries. They envisioned a store where a mom picked up healthy snacks before their child’s soccer game. We connected the traditional and forward-thinking.

The Result

Customers entered expecting “cokes and smokes” but exited with a fresh sandwich or healthy snacks or boutique specialty sodas they drew from a real tap under signage that told them, “Don’t let your beverage be average.” Rave reviews described an unexpected customer experience that inspired brand loyalty.