Unifying diverse print buyers

The Challenge

Under Armour partners with a diverse group of retailers, so the types of graphics packages each needed varied widely. Each buyer was responsible for determining print quantities, while their marketing departments were responsible for graphics content and direction. This made it impossible to forecast print quantities and needs across all buyers. Under Armour also needed a way for stores to reorder graphics if they were damaged or missing after shipping.

The Solution

Using Miller Zell’s proprietary software, REACH™, we created specialty campaigns that only applied to specific outlets. For instance, Golfsmith only needed golf packages and Bass Pro Shops only needed outdoor packages, while Dick's Sporting Goods needed multiple packages. By creating campaigns per specialty, only the campaigns that each buyer needed would apply. This allowed Under Armour to use the same campaigns each cycle while only replacing the graphics, while buyers could add overages as needed.

The Result

After Miller Zell created one system to produce diverse graphics packages, Under Armour saw increased delivery accuracy for its outlets. The new system also increased efficiency and consistency during graphics rollouts. Further, the specialty campaigns rolled into one master campaign and online catalog, so graphics quantities could be forecasted and easily sent to third-party printers. Now, one marketing specialist was empowered to create campaigns based on specialty, ensuring each store received the graphics it needed.




REACH is Miller Zell’s proprietary logistics management system that provides clients 24/7 access to their projects. Whether used on a desktop, tablet or cell phone, it helps clients intuitively and efficiently manage their store profiles, signs/POS, planning, scheduling and orders.