Regions Bank

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Creative value engineering and program management

With more and more people banking online and fewer high-value conversations happening in the branches, Regions needed to redefine the look of their branch network. They realized their traditional large colonial bank was too big for today’s standard and didn’t necessarily speak to the next generation of customers. They needed a more open, modular look with more personalization, more digital interactions and tailored one-on-one engagement.

Their new branch of the future came with high expectations, and also a high price tag. While the beautiful reclaimed wood and glow-wall ATMs of the new design created the look Regions desired, scaling the new look across more than 1600 branches was cost prohibitive.

Regions came to Miller Zell with a challenge: maintain the design integrity while reducing costs and making installation more manageable.

To start, we developed a modular kit-of-parts approach. By producing modular parts in greater quantities, we captured economies of scale and lowered costs dramatically. This included designing parts that could be trimmed on site to accommodate the varying branch sizes and formats.

Additionally, we replaced expensive branded acrylic products with high quality, less expensive proprietary versions, and used painted vacuum-form foam in place of the reclaimed wood that was included in the original design. Our version looks and performs like wood but costs significantly less and is easier to install.

The original design called for 5–8’ tall, 4” thick, 500 lbs acrylic blades, which were extremely difficult to install and required added equipment and business disruption. Our lighter version installs easily with no extras.

Through prudent value engineering and program management, Miller Zell dropped the price of the design and save Regions 50% on future installations. Our partnership with Regions continues as we work on new builds and one-off renovations.


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