Mizuno Flagship Store

An immersive
experience center

A retail design blending art, science and technology

To bring the Mizuno brand objective of helping athletes raise their games, by blending art, science and technology to their first store in the US, Mizuno knew the store had to do more than sell products; it needed shoppers to experience their brand on a deeper level. Mizuno chose The Battery, the Braves’ new home in Sun Trust Park as home to their flagship store.

Miller Zell was tasked with not only breaking through the competitive environment of the sporting goods category but also the crowded retail competition at The Battery.

The result – a Mizuno flagship store offers stopping power, staying power and sharing power and gives shoppers and sports enthusiasts a place to totally immerse themselves in the Mizuno brand.

Get your golf swing analyzed for a custom set of clubs, while choosing from a variety of golf courses to “play” on. Watch the “Brand Soul” video wall which delivers content representing Mizuno’s core brand values.

The Home Wall delivers exciting information on Mizuno’s local partnerships. And the interactive display delivers attention-grabbing content via sound and rich media.

The baseball swing simulator helps you choose the right bat while stepping to the plate at any major league ball bark. A touchscreen tablet gives you detailed product information, brings endless-aisle choices by extending to the Mizuno web site and lets you order customized product like Mizuno’s “build your own glove” feature.

From sketch to delivery, Miller Zell created a Mizuno Experience center that provides -
Stopping Power by pulling shoppers in to begin a journey of discovery.
Staying Power through immersive experiences that extend dwell time and reward shoppers for time invested.
Sharing Power through numerous in-store interaction points that encourage shoppers to spread the Mizuno message, find like-minded athletes and create community.

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