Buffalo Wild Wings GO

Efficient, optimized customer experience


The Challenge

Buffalo Wild Wings is a great American sports bar — a social gathering space full of large-screen TVs where customers can enjoy a beer, a meal and a game. In late 2019, it asked Miller Zell to conceptualize a new, smaller restaurant format designed specifically for takeout and delivery orders from a limited menu. Yet it wanted to maintain its brand equity so customers would still think “Buffalo Wild Wings,” as they picked up orders.

The Solution

The conceptual design work focused on brand, functionality and customer experience. First came naming, and “Buffalo Wild Wings GO” celebrated the brand but also made the service distinction. The exterior signage needed to be easy to ID, while the interior featured a walk-up counter, digital menu boards and condensed seating/waiting areas with TVs. Further, guests who called ahead could pick up their orders from a heated takeout locker, providing a contactless experience. 

The Result

Five months after engaging Miller Zell, the space was ready to go. Considering the state had just emerged from a COVID-19 shutdown, the timing was opportune. “I am thrilled to introduce the new ‘GO’ model in our own backyard of Atlanta, Georgia,” Buffalo Wild Wings COO John Bowie said in a press release. “We’ve seen the success of this model over the past six weeks, with our takeout and delivery business growing over 140%.”