Why Miller Zell?

A Better Way to
Retail Reinvention

Integrated Store Development:
A holistic approach. A more efficient model.

Think of all the different people, pieces and parts that touch a store reinvention. There’s understanding your shopper and how your associates interact with them. There are fixtures, lights, storage, flooring, check out, signage, beacons and the list goes on. And once you’ve got a design, there’s building it out in thousands of stores with slightly different foot prints.

Retail reinvention is the core of Integrated Store Development (ISD).

We take a holistic view of your shopper and your business before we put a pencil to paper. From sketch to delivery, we put these services together because we know you can’t look at just one part of retail reinvention and be a good partner.

ISD means there’s only one budget, one bill, one evaluation, one source and one designated leader – one idea brought to life.

It’s a better way to retail reinvention and why Miller Zell is a better choice.

Watch and see how ISD makes your
reinvention more efficient

From sketch to delivery, we make retail reinvention reachable.


These specialized practices are the core of ISD

Strategy & Design

It starts with a deep understanding of your shoppers; what attracts them to your store, gets them to engage with your brand and eventually purchase your product or service.

A deep understanding of customer motivation

Rollout & Implementation

Creativity is possible at speed and scale. We have value engineers involved from the start, implementation teams across the US and expert Project Managers making sure it gets done on time and on budget.

Speed + Scale = @Scale

Print Production & Digital

State-of-the-art equipment and experts in print management ensure your brand’s image looks its best and your budget is used in the most efficient way possible without compromising quality.

State of the art equipment, expertise and management