Designed with
Scalability in Mind

A comprehensive store update program

Many of Walgreens stores had become out-of-date and they recognized the need for a chain-wide comprehensive store update program.

But when you have 8,000 stores with 4 different formats, and each with more than 20 variations, staying up-to-date can be challenging. Test programs had been developed, but they were taking too long, were too expensive and disrupted store operations.

Walgreens came to Miller Zell for help.

The prototype

We built a prototype and executed a small scale market test to ensure that we were on brand and validate the recommended solutions.

To make it happen, Miller Zell built and kitted the program components, and depending on the store’s footprint, we sent them to a distribution warehouse shipping 8-10 truckloads of product a week.

The result

Walgreens achieved its design goals of a more consistent and updated look with a scaleable solution that could be executed in a week’s time – and during night hours after shoppers and associates had left, undisturbed for a better experience.

What We Did

Project Management
Value Engineering
Fixture Design & Development
Procurement Management
Database Management
Graphic Communication
Printing & Installation