Let The Wait Begin: How To Improve CX In Outside Lines

By Ron Lutz for Retail Touch Points

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Taking care of queuing customers

Retailers need to have a firm handle on their doors to ensure compliance with government and company mandates. They also need to take a close look at how they can provide a smooth and convenient outdoor waiting experience for queuing customers.

Ron Lutz, Miller Zell's chief client officer, provides ideas in an article for Retail Touchpoints for how retailers can begin implementing physical and technological improvements to their outdoor lines to make the wait worthwhile.


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Ron Lutz
Chief Retail Officer

Ron Lutz built his career by guiding retailers through transformational growth and change. With over 35 years of leadership experience, he focuses on the voice of the customer as Miller Zell’s chief client officer. Before joining Miller Zell, he was a VP for Lowe’s, focusing on the omnichannel customer experience.