Print Management

Print That Exceeds Highest Expectations


In retail, image is everything. What your customers see on your walls is a critical part of that image. We offer in-house digital merchandising experts and print management specialists who use state-of-the-art large-format printing presses. This minimizes your costs, optimizes your brand look and messaging and ensures your projects are completed on schedule. When it comes to large-format printing, Miller Zell owns a proven track record of providing service that exceeds expectations.

Want some numbers and credentials? Miller Zell ranks 27th in the U.S. and Canada in annual print sales volume – sixth in wide-format signs and graphics.  We also are certified as a G7 Master Qualification Colorspace printer and are one of 58 companies in the nation to earn Sustainable Green Printing certification.


Print Management

Print Management, now referred to as Retail Marketing Solutions, features a hardwired fixation on quality developed over 50-plus years in print and design. Our comprehensive customer support distinguishes Miller Zell when compared to other providers.

Strategic sourcing: Over the past 50 years, we’ve become print procurement solutions specialists and honed our retail print strategic sourcing processes by building lasting relationships with suppliers and manufacturers across the globe. Because of this, we’re able to analyze historic spending patterns and provide informed recommendations to calibrate all retail print logistics and print management procurement. Our in-house capabilities also allow us to handle many print production and print fulfillment needs ourselves, further minimizing costs and turn-around times for our clients.

Design integration: Retail print marketing design is only good if it works. We offer design integration print management services to iron out details like shipping sizes, ceiling heights, hanging hardware, store conditions, sight lines and installation simplicity. Print management integration is the key to ensuring your design effectively communicates your marketing message.

Project management: Our experienced project managers provide end-to-end print management services, tailoring our team structure and software specifically to each client’s needs. This all-inclusive approach to commercial print management creates a bureaucracy-free environment that gets things done quickly and efficiently with uncompromising quality. 

Logistics & installation: With over 10,000 successful North American retail print installations per year and more than five decades of experience, we are masters of rollout and scale. We go above and beyond to serve our clients, offering value-added distribution that consolidates multiple shipments into turn-key marketing kits. And, our installers are full-time employees who know our products and your stores. This allows for a more efficient installation process that frees up time and resources for your store managers.

Data analysis & reporting: Our innovative and proprietary retail print management data analysis platform, REACH™, provides deep insights, enabling us to make the most strategic and effective procurement and management decisions for our clients. We’re able to track your inventory and project requirements on an individual store level, while you monitor and customize the process every step of the way. This SaaS cloud-based technology platform also serves as a robust database of your store-by-store specifications, so you’ll never second-guess your needs again.