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Miller Zell has provided print and production program management services for more than 50 years. We understand the need for speed, innovation, transparency and cutting-edge technology to create best-in-class output and cost savings.

Miller Zell ranks 25th in the U.S. and Canada in annual print sales volume – sixth in wide-format signs and graphics.  We also are certified as a G7 Master Qualification Colorspace printer and are one of 58 companies in the nation to earn Sustainable Green Printing certification.

We know that great print management efficiently delivers high-quality work at the best possible price, while easing the complexities of project management, brand consistency, production specifications, manufacturing and consolidated distribution. Our clients benefit from a partner who is diligent, imaginative and dedicated to their success.

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6 Questions to Ask Your Print Management Partner


Commercial Print Management

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Our print solutions for your success

Print Management_Strategic Sourcing

Strategic Sourcing

Strategic sourcing starts with analyzing a client’s historic spending patterns and providing informed recommendations to calibrate all print-related operations. At the project level, our clients enjoy a supplier network rooted in years of mutual loyalty and respect.

Print Management_Design Integration

Design Integration

We obsess over details like shipping sizes, ceiling heights, hanging hardware, store conditions, sight lines and installation simplicity to ensure precise design integration.

Print Management_Project Management

Project Management

Our experienced project managers direct the process by tailoring our team structure and software specifically to each client’s needs, creating a bureaucracy-free environment that gets things done fast and efficiently with uncompromising quality.

Print Management_Logistics and Installation

Logistics & Installation

With over 10,000 successful North American installations per year and over five decades of experience, we are masters of logistics, rollout and scale.

Print Management_Data Analysis and Reporting

Data Analysis & Reporting

Our innovative and proprietary SaaS cloud-based technology platform – REACH ™ – provides best-in-class data analysis & reporting, enabling us to make the most strategic and effective procurement and management decisions for our clients.

Print Management_Fundamental Transparency

Fundamental Transparency

We partner with our clients every step of the way with best-in-class and proprietary technology that ensures clients receive full and fundamental transparency into every job, cost, spec and project history.

Print Management_Customized Approach

Customized Approach

Miller Zell’s core strength is developing simple solutions to complex issues with our customized approach. We partner with you to design an optimized print procurement process that becomes an extension of your team.

Print Management_Comprehensive Savings

Comprehensive Savings

Comprehensive savings are realized throughout the process, whether that’s straight print cost, optimized shipping methods to meet your deadlines, inventory management and gang orders tied to other elements. You will receive the best savings across the entire lifecycle of every print job.

Retail Print Management


The Miller Zell Advantage

Miller Zell employs state-of-the-art large-format printing presses, digital merchandising experts and print management specialists. We are certified G7 Master Printers with ISO certification, so our clients know they benefit from the most advanced color management practices and tools for the most accurate color on all equipment. We also cultivate a geographically diverse provider and supplier network that covers a range of specializations. REACH™, our powerful and easy-to-use project management platform, serves as 24/7 logistical support, guiding and simplifying consolidation, shipping, installations and inventory.

The only dual robotic router in the world

Miller Zell is the only graphic center in the world operating this market-leading technology for advanced digital finishing and unique custom installations. Watch this time lapse video to see the complex installation and then the robot in action.

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