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REACH™ for efficiency

NAPA wanted to streamline its process for placing orders for individual stores, whether that was print, fixtures, decor, or new displays. The process of reviewing floorplans, manually completing spreadsheets, and emailing orders were slow, burdensome, and often produced mistakes.


Miller Zell helped NAPA enter all of its store elements into REACH™, our proprietary logistics management system, creating a true “one-stop-shop,” where stores have access to customized catalogs based on their site profile. REACH gave NAPA real-time inventory tracking, management, and historical records, allowing them to create autogenerated orders and reduce the amount of time spent on these tasks.


REACH dramatically improved efficiency for NAPA. Stores can now build their bills of material online, which autogenerates orders to the correct vendors. This eliminated potential miscommunications and quashed unnecessary printing and shipping costs. Further, a self-registration process based on corporate emails reduced the need for site administrators.

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REACH™ for efficiency
REACH™ for efficiency

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