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Citizens Bank + REACH™

Real-time floor plan visibility

Citizens Bank uses customized floor plans to manage branch inventory and create a Bill of Materials (BOMs) for new and remodeled locations, but there was limited visibility to location inventory and data. They used a proprietary database that was only accessible to a few users. Further, these floor plans were typically completed in Adobe PDFs and would go through several revisions before approval and had to be manually updated as they were passed along. Citizens wanted Miller Zell to clean up this process.


REACH™, Miller Zell’s proprietary logistics management system, possesses built-in workflow capabilities, so we used this to efficiently facilitate floor plan approvals. It also requires little to no training while offering intuitive flexibility for customization. For Citizens Bank, we built a customized floor plan editing module that allows drag-and-drop capability from our web app. This editable floor plan is tied to inventory, and multiple floor plans can exist for one location. Moreover, we used the campaign module to customize large-scale rollouts based on location inventory.


After REACH’s adoption, each Citizens associate could have real-time visibility into branch inventory. Full inventory searches and exports could be completed instantly across all locations and for any combination of inventory items. Full audit history is maintained for all location updating, including floor plan and inventory updates. No more passing around PDFs via email and manually updating location inventory. As a next step, we built floor plan revisions into the system that allow for floor plan updates without affecting inventory that is used for remodels.

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 Retail Logistics: Citizens Bank
 Retail Logistics: Citizens Bank

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