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Miller Zell’s Sustainability Initiatives Yield Notable Results

By Miller Zell
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  • Miller Zell’s Sustainability Initiatives Yield Notable Results

ATLANTA, Dec. 9, 2019 – Miller Zell will reach its goal of producing 1,470,000 kWh of electricity in 2019 with the one-megawatt solar array installed on the roof of its corporate office just over a year ago.

To quantify what that means, the reduced greenhouse gas emissions are equal to 44,489 bags of recycled trash. The reduced CO2 emissions are equal to 114,639 gallons of consumed gasoline. And counting.

Solar production will offset Miller Zell’s non-renewable energy use by nearly one-half each year and reduce our annual carbon footprint by 1,206 tons.

That’s a sustainability initiative that’s producing notable positive results, one of many undertaken over the past year.

In 2019, Miller Zell also:

  • Recycled 65 percent of our total waste. That’s 613 tons of cardboard, paper, pallets and plastics.
  • Recycled 166 tons of densified plastics.
  • Recycled 188 tons of cardboard and paper.
  • Increased our ratio of recycled to landfill waste by 4 percent.
  • Helped clean and maintain the Buffalo Creek Nature Trail in Carrollton, Ga., an ongoing associate initiative
Miller Zell, a retail solutions provider, is one of just 54 companies in the nation to earn certification from Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP), an honor for printing facilities with sustainable operations and business practices. This is the only whole-facility certification program operating within the graphic communication industry as a third-party program that uses a publicly vetted set of standards.

Additionally, Miller Zell’s in-house cafeteria uses green and recycled products, while the company also uses environmentally friendly Ecolab pest control. Further, it insists on the use of native plants for landscaping around its headquarters, thereby requiring the use of less water.

Miller Zell’s business focus is on creating outstanding customer experiences for our clients. Sustainability aligns with our corporate mission and values because environmentally friendly policies and practices enhance our community experience, not to mention our planet.

About Miller Zell: 
Miller Zell is a retail experience solutions company. We partner with retailers to create the ideal customer experience in their stores, offering design, implementation, strategy and support that fosters sales growth amid a complex and changing marketplace. We deploy these solutions at scale, thereby minimizing client risk, cost and operational complexity.

End-to-end branded environment services under one roof to craft the optimal customer experience wherever people gather, shop or learn.