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Miller Zell Earns Sustainable Green Printing Certification Renewal

By Miller Zell
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  • Miller Zell Earns Sustainable Green Printing Certification Renewal

ATLANTA Oct. 9, 2018—Miller Zell earned recertification from the Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP) in September, an honor that demonstrates our ongoing dedication to being an outstanding corporate citizen, one that prioritizes environmentally friendly policies and practices.

Miller Zell, a retail experience solutions company and a leading provider of screen and digital-based printing, is one of just 58 companies in the nation to earn SGP certification, which certifies a printing facility’s operations as sustainable.

“Miller Zell’s pursuit of sustainable business practices is good for our associates, our partners, our clients and our community,” Miller Zell CEO Chip Miller said. “The SGP Partnership helps us build a better organization.”

Miller Zell earned its recertification after again meeting rigorous standards developed by the SGP. This included using the SGP Impact Tracker, which gives printers a single, secure web platform to manage their sustainability efforts.

This is the only whole-facility certification program operating within the graphic communication industry, a third-party program that uses a publicly vetted set of standards.

In adopting SGP standards, Miller Zell maintains a sustainability policy that is overseen by a sustainability coordinator and committee. The focuses include energy savings, waste reductions, emissions reductions and reduced resource consumption.

Miller Zell ranks 25thin the U.S. and Canada in annual print sales volume – sixth in wide-format signs and graphics. We also are certified as a G7 Master Qualification Colorspace printer.

Miller Zell has adopted through the years many green initiatives. Most notably, it adheres to a comprehensive recycling program, including the use of a process to recycle ultraboard, which is 40 percent of the company’s raw materials. Additionally, Miller Zell’s in-house cafeteria uses green and recycled products, while the company also uses environmentally friendly Ecolab pest control. Further, it insisted on the use of native plants for landscaping around its headquarters, thereby requiring the use of less water.

Miller Zell’s business focus is creating the best customer experience for our retail and banking clients. Sustainability aligns with our corporate mission and values as it inspires the best and most advanced hardware, systems and practices while working with our clients.


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