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Miller Zell Announces New RFID Warehouse System

By Miller Zell

ATLANTA, GA, Jan. 15, 2021 – Miller Zell’s new RFID (Radio Frequency ID) warehouse inventory system will go live in mid-February, and it will provide many benefits to our clients, saving time and improving order and inventory accuracy.

Implementing RFID technology can create an 80 percent improvement in shipping and packing accuracy and a 90 percent improvement in receiving time, according to GS1. RFID tags also can increase inventory count rates from 200 to 12,000+ items per hour.

“There are so many benefits for both Miller Zell and our clients,” Miller Zell CIO Gina Strickland said. “The RFID process cuts the order quality check time down to a few seconds, and you’re getting better quality control because there is less human error.”

The five-portal system at our Atlanta warehouse, supplied by longtime vendor partner RF-SMART, will improve kit-packing quality, inventory accuracy and cycle-counting accuracy and reduce operational costs. It also will provide increased inventory data and minimize reshipments by accurately recording every carton’s contents, thereby improving shipment validation.

Using data-rich RFID tag labels, RFID readers and portals then record every item in a kit pack or pallet, confirming the contents are exactly what was delivered or ordered. This provides accurate validation in real time for outgoing order fulfillment and order check-in for installs (Future Phase).

Miller Zell’s obsessive focus is on serving our clients with innovative solutions, and this investment will provide them better service while saving time and money.

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