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Miller Zell Announces Major Upgrades to HVAC Systems

By Miller Zell

ATLANTA, GA, Dec. 15, 2020 – Miller Zell will make major upgrades to its HVAC system this month, benefiting the environment and associates, as well as saving energy and money over the long term. 

The initiative will replace 32 of 47 rooftop HVAC units with Trane, high-efficiency Voyager series units that include variable-speed compressors and fan technology. Miller Zell is further enhancing the units by adding MERV 13 filters and a GPS (Global Plasma Solutions) polar ionization system, thereby creating the cleanest, safest air possible.

The project, which will be completed before the end of the year at a cost of roughly $700,000, also includes a Honeywell JACE control system that will provide a high level of control, data trends and analysis for each HVAC unit and for the different heating and cooling zones in our Atlanta headquarters.

It’s worth the investment and effort as the project will provide multiple solutions that speak to Miller Zell’s core values, from sustainability to optimizing the environment where our associates work for our clients.

“Miller Zell is investing a great deal in this for our associates, while aiding the environment and saving money,” said Jamie Smith, Miller Zell’s VP of Global Sourcing. “It’s a great project for the company. It’s environmentally friendly installing these units that are 56 percent more efficient than the ones in place today. It’s going to create a better, healthier atmosphere for our associates, providing cleaner, better air which will be welcome as we continue to face challenges from COVID-19.”

The MERV 13 filters provide efficient filtration for better indoor air quality and comfort. According to Trane, a MERV filter “purifies the air by eliminating airborne particulates, odors and pathogens — all while lowering your facility’s carbon footprint and saving 30% by reducing outdoor air intake by up to 75% thus reducing energy consumption.”

The GPS ionization system, which is also used in the White House, the Mayo Clinic and at Harvard University, among many other notable locations, uses Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization (NPBI) to purify the air by eliminating airborne particulates, viruses, mold spores, bacteria, odors and other pathogens, while producing neither ozone nor other harmful byproducts.

Further, the new Honeywell JACE Building Control System, which uses Tridium software, provides hundreds of data points per unit that will boost the efficiency and control of the overall HVAC system. The control system is open and expandable — granting Miller Zell the opportunity to add other elements like lighting or production equipment in the future.

Miller Zell is committed to environmentally friendly policies and practices. In 2018, we installed a one-megawatt solar array on the roof of our corporate office and are now generating renewable electricity.

We also are committed to providing our associates a healthy, safe and comfortable workspace so they can continue to provide the best possible environmental solutions to our clients.

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