The Crop-Up of Cross Pollination – And Why It’s Here to Stay

By Ron Lutz for Retail Environments



Creative, unexpected retail pairings aren’t going away

Recent headlines show that this trend toward cross-pollination isn’t a one-and-done. In fact, it is growing and being cultivated by consumer expectations. The days of clear retail lines and segmentation are definitely changing. Ron Lutz, Miller Zell’s Chief Retail Officer, takes a deep dive for Retail Environments.

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Ron Lutz
EVP, Chief Retail Officer
Ron Lutz, who recently retired from Miller Zell, built his career by guiding retailers through transformational growth and change. With over 35 years of leadership experience, his focus while at Miler Zell was acting as the voice of the customer as chief retail officer. Before joining Miller Zell, he was a VP for Lowe’s, focusing on the omnichannel customer experience.