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Expertise: Digital Solutions

A Bit of Tech Goes a Long Way In-Store

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Smaller Spaces, Bigger Tech and Optimized CX

Tina Chadwick for Retail TouchPoints The chatter of the store “being dead” is evolving from belief that the physical store is fading amid the shift to digital, to seeing that it’s..

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The Innovators of 2021

The Innovators of 2021: Carving Out a Niche Wide-format Impressions Profiles Miller Zell

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How Physical Retailers Can Attract Today’s Multichannel Shopper

Touchpoints are constantly changing for today's consumers Tom Ertler for Retail Customer Experience

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The Best Personalization Reduces Shopping Time

Patrick Neff for Total Retail The age-old belief for retailers was that the longer customers spent in your store, the better. But in today’s world of instant gratification,..

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