Regions Bank

Quality in. Costs out.


The Challenge

Regions wanted to transform the look of their branch network to attract the next generation of customers. Scaling their impressive new design across Regions' new builds and renovations, however, was cost-prohibitive. Regions asked Miller Zell to maintain the design integrity while reducing costs and ease of installation.

The Solution

We developed a modular kit-of-parts, which lowered costs dramatically. Each could be trimmed on-site to accommodate the varying branch sizes and layouts, replacing expensive materials with proprietary versions that looked the same but were less costly to procure and ship and easier to install.

The Result

Through prudent value engineering and program management, Miller Zell dropped the price of the design and saved Regions 50 percent on future installations without sacrificing quality or functionality. Our partnership with Regions continues as we work on new builds and one-off renovations.