COVID-19: Helping Clients Help Customers

The Challenge

As a leading provider of heavy-duty auto parts, NAPA was deemed an essential business during the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic created an abrupt shift in the dynamics of shopping, so NAPA knew that it needed to prioritize the safety of its customers and associates while it was open for business during this uncertain, stressful time. A collaboration with Miller Zell led to a variety of initiatives.

The Solution

Recognizing the need to emphasize social distancing, contact avoidance, and the highest possible level of hygiene, Miller Zell produced several forms of in-store communication. That included floor graphics to help customers/associates maintain a 6-foot distance and signage that directed curbside pickup for BOPIS, reminders for personal hygiene, and announcing temporary closings for cleaning, with the address of the closest open NAPA store.

The Result

Miller Zell, which was undertaking similar efforts with its other retail and banking clients, packed and delivered custom-made kits to 2,500 stores nationwide in less than 10 days in early April. Our partnership with NAPA made sure that its stores provided the best possible messaging and the highest level of safety to its customers and associates. The initiative and fast turnaround maintained an optimized store experience during an anxious time.