Growing customer appeal

The Challenge

NAPA came to Miller Zell with a classic predicament. While its stores worked well for professional mechanics and seasoned gear-heads, they weren’t as appealing for average retail customers, particularly when compared to competitors. They not only needed refreshed décor, they needed better organization and sightlines that helped shoppers confidently navigate their stores.

The Solution

Customers want to feel comfortable and appreciated. That called for holistic changes inside NAPA stores. In response, Miller Zell created a consistent color palette, planograms using best-in-class space optimization principles, and merchandising and displays that celebrated and augmented the brand’s reputation. Miller Zell built prototypes and tested and refined new store concepts that focused on customer appeal.

The Result

Pod style counters at the rear of the store encouraged customers to browse more. Promotional zones, known as action alleys, increased the brand’s communication in-store, with up to six end caps and side-wing panels. NAPA was so impressed with the prototypes that they then engaged Miller Zell to rollout the refresh to over 800 company-owned and franchise locations.