Krispy Kreme

Heritage plus reinvention

The Challenge

Eating a Krispy Kreme donut is a delightful experience, but spending time in a Krispy Kreme store was not. Krispy Kreme wanted to transform itself from a grab-and-go joint into a sit-and-stay space. It asked Miller Zell to create an experience that invited customers to stick around and relax.

The Solution

Our design team replaced bright, cafeteria-style plastic with warm wood tones and soft lighting to make the store feel upscale and inviting. The donut display case and coffee were centralized for a more immersive experience. Soft chairs and plugs for computers invited customers to sit and stay.

The Result

The Krispy Kreme store experience transformed from a donut grab to a comfortable gathering place. Moreover, when surveyed, more than 98 percent of customers felt the new design fit with how they think of the Krispy Kreme brand and the Krispy Kreme experience.