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Retail Design

Optimize Your Customers' Experience

The Facts

What is Retail Design?

Retail design breaks down the consumer journey, step by step, to find ways to enhance every touchpoint in your stores. Your goal is to seize each opportunity to create connections between your customers and your brand. These connections inspire loyalty that turns into stories that evolve into word-of-mouth marketing and repeat shopping visits.
Retail design is about asking the right questions and understanding your customers’ answers. For example, instead of asking, “How do you design a grocery store?” you ask, “What do consumers want when they go to the grocery store?” Once you understand the psychology behind consumer choices, you can develop a strategic and innovative retail design that keeps customers coming back.

Upgrade Your Retail Store Environmental Design

Elevate the Shopping Experience

Anticipate customer needs and guide them through your store on an optimal and enjoyable path to purchase. Enhancing your brand’s perception of quality through ideal presentation of products will enrich engagement opportunities in the store environment.

Scale Your Retail Experience Design

Achieve Best-Case Production Times and Costs with an Integrated Approach

From design development to piloting and logistics to installation, leverage our 55+ years’ experience in production services and process to ensure your success. Our extensive capabilities include preferred overseas production, integrated fixture and décor programs and in-house large-format, screen and digital print technology.

Optimize Your Retail Store Design

Fine-Tune Retail Branding Strategies

Take advantage of an enduring, active and strategic partnership that works with you to solve distinct, store-specific needs, whether that involves customizing retail rollouts by region or strengthening design cohesion across national chain retail stores. We continually monitor our retail design solutions through targeted shopper feedback and insight.

Your Single Source for Innovative Store Services

Types of Traditional Retail Design

  • Automotive
  • Convenience
  • Fueling Stations
  • Home Improvement
  • Pet Supplies
  • Sporting Goods
  • Big Box
  • Electronics
  • Grocery
  • Office Supplies
  • Pharmacy
  • Telecommunications

Our diverse talent provides you and your brand end-to-end services that incorporate design, scale, project management and print management for your campaign.

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Maximize Your Retail REACH™

Orders, inventory, localization & real-time data delivered with efficiency & insight.

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Our Retail Design Portfolio



Specialty Retail: Micro Center

Specialty Retail: Micro Center

Citizens in-store redesign

Scalable Design: Citizens

Research and Design

In order for store design to solve problems and create experiences that inspire brand loyalty, start with data and insights into what is needed to best serve your customers.
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Miller Zell Research and Design