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Learn more about the research-based design and implementation approach which incorporates your brand into your environments for optimal customer experiences.

Quick service restaurant tour Hattie bs and KFC

QSR Tour: A Return to Designing as a Destination

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The Secret to Great Design Adaptation for Branded Environments

Potential clients looking for branded environment solutions sometimes ask Miller Zell, “What are you good at?”

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Innovative Retail Solutions Require Blend of Experience and Creativity

“No one can argue that there isn’t a lot going on in retail right now. But looking back, there are very few times where that’s not been true.”

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The Top 6 Problems You Can Solve with the Right Retail Design (Part 2)

Why is retail design important? We recently explored the importance of retail design. Click here to revisit our thoughts on the importance of “brand fit,” the crucial nature of..

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The Top 6 Problems You Can Solve with the Right Retail Design (Part 1)

Why is Retail Design Important? Retail design establishes the two critical components of a shopper’s visit:

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Sales and Selfies, What Stores Are Selling Now (Hint: It’s Not Just Products)

Not that long ago, if I were to tell you that a plant store would make a video of their plants being delivered, and that their customers would watch it – even if it was in the..

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Four Focuses that Deliver Value for University and Athletic Facilities

It wasn’t just the bourbon tasting that made Miller Zell’s participation in the Campus Athletics Facilities Summit in Santa Clara, Calif. so engaging and successful. It helped, of..

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