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Learn more about the research-based design and implementation approach which incorporates your brand into your environments for optimal customer experiences.


Execution Failures Doom Good Ideas

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What's Top-of-Mind for Retailers in 2020?

While every retailer enters 2020 with a specific set of priorities and challenges, Miller Zell has been hearing six on a regular basis.

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Flash Over Substance Fails in Retail

Guest post written by our friend and retail consultant, Flora Delaney.  It was March 2015, and my client needed help. The home improvement and major appliance retail chain was..

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Worried About an Economic Downturn?

Is the longest, consumer-led economic expansion in U.S. history running out of steam?

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Miller Zell Design Saves Time and Money

Fram oil filters created a classic TV commercial in the 1970s that concluded with a catchphrase: “Pay me now… or pay me later.” Either properly maintain your car with our oil..

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3 Ways to Keep the Personal Touch in Brick-and-Mortar Retail

The good news is the so-called “Retail Apocalypse!” narrative is turning out to be another ghost story. It’s a dramatic, scary idea but ultimately exaggerated and unrealistic.

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