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Learn more about the research-based design and implementation approach which incorporates your brand into your environments for optimal customer experiences.


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Five Factors for Building Customer Trust

Cultivating loyalty post-COVID-19 The National Retail Foundation is predicting that retail sales are going to surge as more individuals get vaccinated and the economy reopens...

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How to Overcome Supply Chain Breakdowns

COVID-19 spawned unprecedented challenges for international trade, particularly with the North American supply chain, where there’s never been a bigger imbalance between imports..

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Renewing Focus on Long-Term Planning

The COVID-19 pandemic forced many retailers to accelerate the adoption of their future plans, particularly digital innovations that reduced person-to-person contact. Kicking the..

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Five Initiatives Retailers Should Focus on Right Now

The COVID-19 pandemic forced changes in how we manage public spaces. First, there was an urgent reaction based almost entirely on safety and uncertainty. Then there was a..

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Evolving Trip Missions During Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic hammered two cornerstones of retail success: traffic and dwell time. Since March, stores have been forced to reduce capacity in order to support social..

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Evolving Public Spaces in a Post-COVID-19 World

It’s easy to say that the only certainty right now is uncertainty, as the societal reopening amid the COVID-19 pandemic so far has not gone well. We still don’t know the potential..

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